Solution And Services
Business Internet

AGB Business Internet is the type of Metro Fiber Ethernet to offer the Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) for Enterprises with SLA-99.5% and Gold Level Support along with 24/7 Help Desk, NOC and Call Out (Onsite).

AGB Residential Internet

AGB Residential Internet is the type of Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and Wireless Broadband Service to offer the Internet with 24/7 Help Desk support.

AGB Wholesale Internet

AGB Wholesale Internet is the type of IP-Transit which is allowing the network traffic to cross or Transit to and from Global with full routes to Public Network for Internet Service Providers. IP Transit customer with their own IP block and ASN.

Network Connectivity - IEPL

International Ethernet Private Line is the type of international connectivity across country which is originating or terminating to and from its own country to another country with end-to-end bandwidth management.

nectwork Connectivity - IEPL

DPLC - Domestic Private Leased Circuit is the type of domestic point to point connectivity within a country with end-to-end bandwidth management.

AGB provides all type of network connectivity solutions – MPLS L2 P2P and P2MP VPN, MPLS L3 VPN for International and Domestic local loops.